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Generally, in our everyday lives, we worry.  We have stress.  We have fears.  We think that we are going to fail that test.  We are going to lose our jobs.  We can’t make enough money. Etc.
These are the aspects of our lives that haunt us everyday.  But, do we come to realize that this worrying is sinful to our God?  Probably not.  The act has become so familiar to us that the thought has never occurred.  It is a force of habit.  An addiction.  An enslavement.  A fixation.  Worrying, stress, and fear are all feelings that demonstrate a lack of faith.  In other words, when we engage in these acts of sin, we are telling God that he is not going to help us.  He is not there for us.  He won’t catch us when we fall.  But, in reality, He is there.  We just have to feel His presence within us.  Right now, you might be asking how we can feel His presence.  Well, that’s easy.  All we need to do is read the bible, go to church, fast, pray, and repent.  By doing these things, we are telling God that we need His help and His presence.  Once we touch God, there is no going back.  He makes us feel like we can do anything because He is there to guide us in this journey called life.  For instance, the scriptures tell us this in Philippians, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).   God is the ultimate source of peace and gratitude in our lives and to prove it, I will give you some examples.


With God, we can overcome our sinful ways and overcome our depression.  For instance, a former competitor on Dancing With the Stars, Carlos PenaVega defeated his depression by simply going to church and getting a taste of the holy scriptures.  During his interview on Dancing With the Stars, he admitted to being depressed as a result of being away from his band mates after
their summer tour.  Carlos explained that this tour contained a lot of exciting moments, partying, and more.  He was always happy and had a smile on his face throughout the way.  He told the viewers that he was sad to see it all come to an end.  He admitted to locking himself in his house and smoking marijuana in order to forget the pain that he was feeling inside.  Luckily, Carlos foretold that his friend took him to church and this trip made him forget his depression and turn back into the happy man that he once was.  He exchanged his sinful use of drugs for God.  As of today, he remains content living with his wife as well as being engaged in other projects.  This proves that God can help us overcome our daily problems , big or small.  We just have to let Him in.

There are also stories of individuals who have overcome their worldly tribulations in the bible. For example, in the book of Job, the bible explains that Job’s friends accuse him of sin and his wife told him to curse God and die.  In this biblical story, Job loses his children, his money, his health, his crops, his livestock and his relationship with his wife and best friends.  In other words, he basically lost everything that gave meaning to his life.  Everything, except for God.  The bible tells us that to make himself feel better inside, Job spoke to his Lord.  He complained about all the horrible things that happened to him.  As a result, God answered him and he repented for feeling as if God was not on his side.  This proves that we, as the Lord’s children, can overcome any type of problem as long as the Lord is in our hearts.  After all, Job was human just like us.  If he can overcome the struggle of losing all of his possessions, we can get through our everyday problems as well.  In addition, the bible speaks about how David, who was chosen to be king by God, struggled in life because the cruel King Saul was out to kill him.  As a result, the bible tells us that David was always running and hiding in fear that his life would be taken by this greedy so called king.  According to the bible, King David soon became frustrated and angry because of his tribulation and ended up crying out to God: “With my voice I cry out to the Lord; with my voice I plead for mercy to the Lord.  I pour out my complaint before him; I tell my trouble before him.” (Psalm 142:1-2).  In conclusion, God is always there when we need help and need to vent.  He constantly has an open ear and is there to assist us.

In conclusion, worldly problems are nothing compared to the higher power, Jesus Christ.  He is constantly there when we need His help.  If we keep having faith and believing in Him, nothing in this world can faze us.

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